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GT10  Top 10  10k Training Tips…


10.1  Stretch & have a massage Stretching helps you avoid injuries. Arrive on the start line fresh and ready to run than with niggles.

10.3  Build up Slowly: Start with smaller distances and build the distance up slowly to avoid injury 

10.2  Practice at pace: practisce the pace you think you will run the race at once a week.  Start with shorter distances and build up.  Try a 1km paced run with 5 mins rest in between building to 2 x 4km runs. Remember to warm up and warm down properly around this type of session.

Kit & Clothing:

10.4  Don't run in new shoes: Ensure your shoes have been broken in before race day. Blisters hurt! By the same token do not use old worn out shoes as this could cause injury or potentially leave you with muscle sore legs.

10.5  Wear appropriate clothing: Stay warm before the race and cool and comfortable while you run.  Tight clothes can rub places you don't want them to!

10.6  Wear sunscreen: If it is hot on race day use sun cream and peaked cap for protection, even UV protected clothing can help. 

On Race Day:

10.7  Eat good food: The night before the race ensure that you eat sensible and have a high carbo hydrate meal, such as pasta or baked potatoes. The same applies to breakfast on race day, ensuring that the food you eat has been tried and tested during training. Avoid anything unusual and avoid excess alcohol – a little may help you to relax :)

10.8  Rest before the raceIn the nights leading up to the race ensure you get a few good nights sleep. Recovery from your training regime is just as important as all of that hard work.

10.9  Stay hydrated: Being dehydrated reduces performance, so drink plenty.... BUT don't forget to take a wee before you arrive!

10.10  Arrive early: Be fresh, warmed up and ready to race. Run the race in your mind and see yourself strongly crossing the finish line.



Finally, enjoy yourself and we hope you get a PB!

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